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Revolutionizing e-commerce

through experience based shopping

We're building a new way to shop online so that it's

more fun and rewarding than ever before

Connect with all of your favorite retailers on Shopl

We believe everything about shopping
can be better.

We are designing an innovative e-commerce platform that will transform the retail industry and redefine e-commerce. 

The Shopl mission is to build a large global community that empowers consumers, enables loyalty to retailers, and protects the planet.

Shop Smarter, Not Harder

Our tools empower both consumers and retailers to create unique shopping experiences for each user.

Single Digital Identity

One account for every online store

Real-time Order Tracking

Track purchases across retailers in a singular dashboard

Universal Shopping Cart

Add items from different retail stores to a single cart

Buy Now, Pay Later

Split purchase into 4 different payments across retailers at once

1-Click Checkout

Checkout fast & easy with just one tap

Textile Recycling

Recycle old clothes and household textiles and earn rewards

We've built Shopl

for the shopper in all of us.

At Shopl, we're on a mission to revolutionize the way you shop online. We strive to create a platform that bring people together through the shared experience of shopping.

By creating a seamless, personalized shopping experience that benefits everyone involved - shopping is better for manufacturers, retailers, consumers, and ultimately the planet.

"Shopl helps my store make a positive impact on the planet AND increase my conversions"

Tricia Martinez - Shopify Store Owner

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We believe in...

Making shopping better and easier.

Shopl aims to make the shopping experience as convenient as possible for customers, by providing a range of tools and services that save time and effort.

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